Class Rating Single Engine Piston - SEP(Land)
Do you hold a pilots’ license, but not the formal qualifications required to fly a single engine piston aircraft? We at Phoenix Aviation Academy will gladly help you attain such a rating.

Entry requirements:

• Hold valid PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A) license in accordance with EASA Part-FCL
• Class 1 or 2 medical certificate in accordance with EASA Part-MED


• The flight training is composed of at 06:00 least hours of instruction (skill test included), on an agreed schedule with the instructor and can be done on singe engine aeroplane on your choice;
• Approximate duration of the course is 1-2 weeks, depending on weather condition and on student’s personal schedule;

Course Includes:

• Aircraft manual
• Charts and additional aviator’s equipment
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