Private Pilot License
This license is for those who have not decided if flying for a career is their desire but is main basis becoming a well-prepared pilot at all. Also, if all what you want is to fly for fun or sport, this is definitely what you need.

Why a PPL (А)?

To act without remuneration as Pilot in Command or co-pilot in non-commercial operations on single-engine or multi-engine piston (Land) aeroplanes with a maximum certified take-off mass not exceeding 5700 kg.
To fly under VFR by day (good weather condition - 5 km visibility, 1500 m horizontally and 1000ft vertically clear of clouds)

Entry requirements

A student pilot for a PPL(A) shall be at least 16 years of age before first solo flight
Applicant for a PPL(A) shall be at least 17 years of age
Class 1 or 2 medical certificate is required for the holder/applicant of a PPL(A) in accordance with EASA Part-MED


The flight training is composed of at least 45:00 hours of instruction, on an agreed schedule with the instructor and can be done on singe engine aeroplane on your choice

Course Includes

Aircraft manual
Charts and additional aviator’s equipment
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