Multi Engine Instrument Rating?
Multi Engine Instrument Rating adds up new abilities to the existing pilot's license. It allows to operate Multi Engine aeroplanes according to Instrument Flight Rules.

Why an Multi Engine Instrument Rating?

• IR/ME enhances pilots flying and non-technical skills as a Pilot in Command to a higher level;
• This rating is usually a mandatory item at airlines for application to a pilot job;

Entry requirements:

• At least PPL(A) with completed 70 hours as PIC or CPL(A) in the appropriate aircraft category;
• The privilege to flying at night in accordance with EASA Part-FCL.810;
• An ATPL theory certificate issued by EASA Approved Training Organization;
• English Language Proficiency in accordance with EASA Part-FCL.055;
• Class 1 or 2 medical certificate in accordance with EASA Part-MED;


• The course consists of 05:00 hours: 3 hours instrument ground time in FNPT II and 2 hours flying on Piper PA-34 Seneca II or III;
• The approximate duration of the course is up to 1 week, depending on weather condition and on student's personal schedule;

Course Includes:

• Aircraft manual
• Charts and additional aviator’s equipment
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