Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI)
The privileges of an Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) Course are to instruct for the issue, revalidation and renewal of anEnroute Instrument Rating (EIR) or an Instrument Rating (IR) on the appropriate aircraft category.

Entry requirements:

• Minimum 18 years of age
• Hold validCPL/IR (A) in accordance with EASA Part-FCL
• Class 1 medical certificate in accordance with EASA Part-MED
• ICAO English Level 4 or higher

An applicant for an IRI (A) certificate shall:

- have completed at least 800 hours of flight time under IFR, of which at least 400 hours shall be in aeroplanes;
- in the case of applicants of an IRI(A) for multi-engine aeroplanes, meet the requirements of paragraphs FCL.915.CRI(a), FCL.930.CRI and FCL.935;


• The approximate duration of the IRI course is up 1-2 weeks, depending on weather condition and on student's personal schedule;
• IRI (A) training shall be done on single engine or multi engine aeroplanes. The course consists of 10 flight hours;

Additional information

If the applicant holds Instructor certificate IRI course shall be reduced to 05:00 flight hours.
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